Role of the Umpire

The role of the umpire is to apply the laws of the game and ensure the game is played in a safe and fair manner. The laws of the game give the umpire the responsibility to manage the game both on and off the ground.
Umpiring presents umpires with an exciting challenge and can be incredibly rewarding. Taking on a demanding task and succeeding is a great feeling one that umpires get from umpiring a game of football well.
The game expects its umpires to:

  • Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else
  • Accept responsibility for all actions taken
  • Be courteous and respectful and open to discussion and interaction
  • Value the individual in sport
  • Seek continual self-improvement
  • Be a positive role model in terms of behaviour and personal appearance

People expect umpires to be:

  • Trustworthy honest and impartial
  • Responsible appreciate the importance of the role of the umpire
  • Fit physically prepared for the task
  • Knowledgeable know the rules
  • Punctual arrive at the ground with plenty of time to spare before the game

In aiming to fulfill those expectations, umpires should be aware that first impressions are often lasting impressions. Behaviour and appearance are important factors.


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