Deliberate Out of Bounds

Law 15.6.1(c) A free kick shall be awarded against a player who:

Intentionally kicks, handballs or forces the football over the boundary line, without the football being touched by another player.

The primary consideration in determining DOOB is the player intent. The below indicators can assist your decision making process:

  • Has the player made a genuine skill error?
  • Is the defender trying to stop a team from scoring or rushing a behind and the football hits the post?
  • Is the player kicking the ball off the ground under pressure? If so, the player will not be penalised unless the kick is straight at the line or his intention is clear.
  • Is the player kicking the ball up the field to teammates, or is he kicking the up the ground with the intention of finding the boundary line?

Ball hitting the behind post

  • DOOB is to be paid if you believe the player was intentionally attempting to hit the ball out of bounds.



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