Goal Umpire Coaching Videos

The following coaching clips were provided by the SANFL and AFL.  The coaching points were provided by Mostyn Rutter, SANFL, Goal Umpire Coach, as part of the AFL’s Umpire Coach Professional Development Program E-Newsletter.

Example 2

Very well read, very good position for a contestable ball.


Example 3

Alert and very good movement to cover high kick from 15m through RH behind.


Example 4

Shot on the run from 15m close to the LH goal post…excessive movement to cover is unwarranted.



Example 5

Shot on the run from 48m well read, very good astride line positioning.




Example 6

Shot on the run from 15m under the flight, very good reaction.


Example 7

Very well read, very good positioning for contestable ball near LH goal post.


Example 8

Very good speed to ensure under the flight for shot on the run from 49m close to LH goal post.  Composed and confident.

Example 9

Very good concentration for a defender handball over the goal line.


Example 10

Very good position for a shot on the run from 15m in front, under the flight, confident and composed.

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