Recording Scores

An important task that goal umpires undertake is to ensure scorecards are correct. Goal umpires record scores – goals and behinds, for each team following the scoring of a goal or behind. There is a scoring procedure that umpires are expected to follow - see Level 1 Accreditation Manual.

A video clip (9.50 min) has been prepared that consists of goals and behinds being scored from various matches. The vision includes a couple of examples of footage from behind the goals. 

The vision can be used by an umpire coach in a range of ways to assist with the coaching of goal umpires in recording scores.

Suggestions include:

Option 1 -

Have goal umpires record scores as though the 9.50 minutes of vision was the scoring achieved in the quarter from one team.  Have umpires check each other’s scores (in pairs) as though it was quarter time.  Discuss recordings in small groups.  Discuss key aspects of scoring procedures. Re-inforce scoring procedures with whole group.

Option 2 -

Break umpires into pairs with scorecards – each taking one end of the ground (per the screen). The coach would need to advise the umpires what to do with the example/s taken from behind the goals. Have them record the scores on a scorecard as they would do in a match – team kicking left/right of screen. Discuss recordings in small groups for the nominated time (e.g. a quarter). Discuss key aspects of scoring procedures. Re-inforce scoring procedures with group.

Option 3 -

Coaches could ask individual umpires to use the vision to complete a scorecard as ‘practice’ in recording scores prior to a coaching session and bring the completed card to a coaching/training session.

Other Use

In addition to recording the scores, the vision could be used to discuss positioning of goal umpires.