AFL - You Can Kick Goals Curriculum Resource

Australian football's core values of FAIR PLAY, RESPECT, TEAMWORK and LEADERSHIP are the same as those integral to building stronger and more harmonious communities across the country.

The AFL YOU CAN KICK GOALS schools resource is an opportunity for students and teachers to examine Australian values and how to incorporate them in their lives.

This resource uses Australian football and its players to help build awareness of important cultural and community issues. It gives classmates and their families a chance to come together to reinforce and celebrate important harmony messages.

Teaching and learning content

AFL YOU CAN KICK GOALS is a unique schools resource that consists of the following three modules:

MASCOTS module A middle primary school resource targeting students in Years 3-4. Click here

ROOKIES module An upper primary school resource targeting students in Years 5-6. Click here 

RISING STARS module A lower secondary school resource targeting students in Years 7-8. Click here 

Each module consists of 10 lessons that meet learning outcomes across domains such as English, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Art and Mathematics.

Lesson content is appropriately mapped against the Australian Curriculum and each modules culminates in an AFL community event organised and managed by students.

Resource highlights

The AFL YOU CAN KICK GOALS schools resource is designed to inspire students and engage them in their own learning.

Resource highlights include:

  • Video scene setters that underpin each lesson
  • AFL football themes that drive student learning and address outcomes across the curriculum
  • Strong values themes designed to complement student personal development programs in schools
  • AFL player thoughts and reflections that act as a catalyst for teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Flexible modules of work where teachers can choose to teach specific lessons or take students on a journey of learning across multiple lessons
  • An opportunity for students to showcase their work and the skills they have learnt to their community.

The AFL YOU CAN KICK GOALS schools resource innovatively enhances educational and general capability objectives across year levels and curriculum in Australian schools.

Have your students 'kick goals' today!