Research suggests that men who hold traditional views about gender roles and relationships, have a strong belief in male dominance or who have sexually hostile attitudes are more likely to perpetrate violence against their intimate partners.  It is also known that people who hold traditional views about gender roles, or who have lower levels of support for gender equality are more likely to accept violence against women that those who donít. 

VicHealth, Preventing violence before it occurs: A framework and background paper to guide the primary prevention of violence against women in Victoria


Taking the Tackle: Respect is for Everyone 

The Taking the Tackle: Respect is for Everyone online training module provides you the opportunity to learn how to deliver education surrounding the issue of violence against women within your own football club.  The AFL has recently produced a violence against women education DVD and manual that can be used to facilitate an education session utilise the DVD and manual effectively, and within your club.  The accompanying online training module is designed to teach you how to provide further background around the issues of violence against women in Australian society.

The facilitatorís manual can be downloaded here.

The DVD can be found below.

Clubs are encouraged to take their players through the Taking the Tackle Program by following the steps outlined in the facilitator's manual but should note that the program should only be presented to players over 15 years of age.

The course can be found here.

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Support Services:

A service for men with relationship and family concerns
PH: 1300 789 978

The Line
A campaign aimed at promoting positive behaviours and actions that contribute to respectful relationships
1800 695 463 (1800 MY LINE)

1800 Respect

For any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of family and domestic violence and sexual assault
1800 737 732 (1800 RESPECT)

AFL Industry Education Information & Referral Handbook

Documents for Download:

Peta Searle Ė Unfinished Business

Peta Searle is a previous assistant coach of Port Melbourne football club and discusses her journey, and the difficulties associated with being female in the male dominant football coaching environment. 

Part 1 of Taking the Tackle DVD

Part 2 of Taking the Tackle DVD