2015 State Volunteer of the Year Winners

Each year the AFL recognises volunteers/administrators for their outstanding contribution to Australian Football through the State Volunteer of the Year program.

Each state and territory selects a State Volunteer of the Year award winner who receives:

  • 2 x tickets to the Toyota AFL Grand Final (with flights and accommodation)
  • The opportunity to walk in the Toyota AFL Grand Final Parade

Congratulations to the following people who have been recognised as the 2015 State Volunteers of the Year





New South Wales/ACT

Trevor Byrne

 St Ives AFC


Northern Territory

 Alesha & Peter Shepard

 Tracy Village



 Rob Purves

 Noosa Tigers


South Australia

 Jarrod Starkey

 Whyalla Football League Junior Committee



 Bill Trethewie

 Tasmania University FC, Old scholars FA



 Christine Swinburne

 St Johns Old Collegians FC (VAFA)


Western Australia

 Rod Atherton

 Donnybrook FC / South West FL




NSW/ACT – Trevor Byrne

NSW/ACT – Trevor Byrne

Trevor has served the St Ives AFC for over 10 years.  His roles at the club have included time as President, Vice President of Football Operations, Coaching Coordinator, Junior Coordinator, Auskick Coaching and Parent Volunteer.

NT – Alesha & Peter Shepard

NT – Alesha & Peter Shepard

Alesha and Peter have provided over 10 years of service to the Tracy Village FC.  Their service has included coaching junior teams, serving as committee members, advocating fair play through the junior football match guide and playing in the Senior Men’s and Women’s teams.



QLD – Rob Purves

QLD – Rob Purves

Rob has worked tirelessly for the Noosa Tigers FC over the past 5 years.  His roles at the club have included time as Football Manager, Senior Assistant Coach, Junior Coaching Coordinator, Special Needs Coach and Auskick Coordinator. In 2015 he assisted Pomona AFC by lending players to the club and assisted administratively and financially to ensure their viability.  In 2015 he also developed and coached a program to allow children & adults with intellectual disabilities to play.

SA – Jarrod Starkey

SA – Jarrod Starkey

Jarrod Starkey has been significant in the establishment of the Whyalla FL Junior Committee as Chairman over the past 5 years. Jarrod’s key achievements during that time include establishing a junior competition, introducing Auskick to the U8’s structure at each club and mentoring all junior coaches to achieve accreditation.

TAS – Bill Trethewie

TAS – Bill Trethewie

Bill has committed his life to football in Tasmania.  His volunteer roles have included:
• Tasmania University FC – President, Secretary, League Delegate and Senior Runner
• Tasmania Amateur FL (Southern Division) – Vice President
• Old Scholars FA – President, Vice President, AFL South Delegate
• Sandy Bay JFC – Coach, Runner, Director of Coaching

VIC -  Christine Swinburne

VIC - Christine Swinburne

Chris has worked tirelessly for the St John's Old Collegians FC for the past 7 years.  Her roles have included time as Canteen Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Reserves Team Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Cleaner, Social Club Manager, Registrar and she prepares/serves the meals.  She also coordinates an annual St Johns FC white ribbon day event promoting "ending violence against women" and coordinates the annual presentation night.

WA – Rod Atherton

WA – Rod Atherton

Rod has been served the Donnybrook FC (DFC) for nearly 50 years.  He is currently the Sponsorship Director, Game Day Ground Manager and Bar Manager.  Previously he has held roles of President, Player, Coach, Football Director, Social Director, SW Region AFCA Coach Coordinator, Tribunal Delegate, SWFL Club Delegate, WAFL Club Liaison Officer, Junior Team Manager, Region Development Squad Coach, Selector and Timekeeper.


Video - Rod Atherton (Donnybrook FC):


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