2017 AFL Concussion Symposium: Advances in Understanding and Management

Hear from Australian and international experts from a range of sports on topics including: 

• Implementation of outcomes from the 2016 Berlin International Conference on Concussion in Sport 

• Current best practice management of concussion at elite and community level 

• The latest research about the short and possible longer term effects of concussion 

• Putting concussion research into practice 

• Priorities for concussion related research now and into the future


Part 01 - Brief overview of Berlin process (Gavin Davis, 12 min)

Part 02 - Keynote Address - What is the current state of the evidence on the long-term risks/health issues related to concussion in sport? (Allen Sills, 30 min) 

Part 03 - Practical definition of concussion and guide to side-line recognition (Martin Raftery, 25 min) 

Part 04 - Approach to game day assessment and management of concussion (Patrick Clifton, 15 min)

Part 05 - Game day lessons from the US: unaffiliated neurological consultants and the role of evolving technologies (e.g. impact sensors, balance Apps, KD test etc) (Allen Sills, 15 min)

Part 06 - A practical guide to the SCAT (Michael Makdissi, 15 min)

Part 07 - A practical guide to the CRT (Gavin Davis, 8 min)

Part 08 – Diagnosis and Game Day Management Q&A Panel (20 min)

Part 09 – Partial Video - Overview of monitoring recovery and making return to play decisions (Michael Makdissi, 5 min)

Part 10 - What factors help predict recovery after concussion and how do these impact on management? (Andrew Gardner, 12 min)

Part 11 - What to do in cases that don’t recover as expected/who should retire? (Michael Makdissi, 13 min)

Part 12 - How should management of concussion differ in children – A systematic review? (Gavin Davis, 12 min)

Part 13 - How should management of concussion differ in children – Child SCAT5 (Gavin Davis, 7 min)

Part 14 - Predictors of delayed recovery after child concussion (Vicki Anderson, 20 min)

Part 15 - What are the barriers to concussion management in the community and how can we overcome these? – A panel discussion (25 min)

Part 16 - What are the medico-legal implications for the player, doctor, club or sporting organisation? (David Maddocks, 20 min) 

Part 17 - How should we be monitoring current and retired players (including the role of new/evolving technologies)? (Zee Arain, 7 min)

Part 18 - The association between psychological health and concussion – a cause or effect? (Rosie Purcell, 23 min) 

Part 19 - Can we prevent concussion? Role of injury biomechanics in informing rule changes and decisions about protective equipment (Andrew McIntosh, 17 min)

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