AFL Doctors Association

The AFL Doctors Association is a representative body that supports AFL and AFLW club doctors in providing the best medical care for players. Formally constituted in 1981, the AFLDA is an independent organisation that works co-operatively with the AFL and the AFL Physiotherapists Association, offering evidence-based advice on injury management and prevention to facilitate the safest practical playing environment.


AFL club doctors provide a broad range of services, playing a key role in injury management, injury prevention, player preparation, fitness-to-play decisions and overall player well-being. They offer leadership and guidance in a multidisciplinary, collaborative medical and high-performance team, with oversight and final approval of all treatments.


The AFL Doctors Association helps to equip doctors with the most current treatment techniques and scientific understanding through specialised training courses, conferences and research. The AFLDA run a comprehensive Emergency Care Course for AFL and AFLW medical teams, and an annual Professional Development Conference. The AFLDA also regularly engages with the broader scientific community, fostering collaboration between club doctors and with other sports medicine professionals to ensure that AFL players continue to receive medical care at an internationally high standard.


The AFLDA have a proud association with the Epworth Hospital.

The AFLDA also have strong links with the AFL Players Association and AFL Coaches Association.


AFL Club Doctors (Season 2019)

Adelaide: Dr Marc Cesena, Dr Steve Kennett, Dr Duncan Walker

Brisbane: Dr Andrew Smith, Dr Paul McConnell

Carlton: Dr Phillip Bloom, Dr Rob Vorich

Collingwood: Dr Ruben Branson, Dr Greg Shuttleworth

Essendon: Dr Brendan De Morton, Dr Bruce Reid, Dr Pat Sunderland

Fremantle: Dr Peter Steele, Dr Ken Withers

Geelong: Dr Drew Slimmon, Dr Geoff Allen

Gold Coast: Dr Barry Rigby, Dr Luke Eggleston

Greater Western Sydney: Dr Bassam Moses, Dr Peter Parkes

Hawthorn: Dr Michael Makdissi, Dr Andrew Jowett, Dr Liam West

Melbourne: Dr Zeeshan Arain, Dr David Bolzonello, Dr Laura Lallenec

North Melbourne: Dr Peter Baquie, Dr Bianca Scotney

Port Adelaide: Dr Mark Fisher, Dr Damian Newberry

Richmond: Dr Greg Hickey, Dr Andrew Daff

St. Kilda: Dr Tim Barbour, Dr Ian Stone

Sydney: Dr Tom Cross, Dr David Samra

West Coast: Dr Alex Strahan, Dr Gerard Taylor

Western Bulldogs: Dr Greg Clugston, Dr Jacob Landsberger, Dr Gary Zimmerman


AFLW Club Doctors (Season 2019)

Adelaide: Dr Duncan Walker

Brisbane: Dr Kieran Miles

Carlton: Dr Steven Gilchrist

Collingwood: Dr Andrew Aldous

Fremantle: Dr Casey Whife

Geelong: Dr Brooke Doherty

Greater Western Sydney: Dr Kath Gaffney

Melbourne: Dr Laura Lallenec

North Melbourne: Dr Greg Clugson

Western Bulldogs: Dr Daniel Geilings, Dr Tina Zucharello


AFLDA Executive (2019)

Dr Michael Makdissi (CEO)

Dr Barry Rigby (President)

Dr Tim Barbour (Vice President)

Dr Ian Stone (Treasurer)

Dr Andrew Potter

Dr Zeeshan Arain

Dr Greg Hickey

Dr Laura Lallenec

Dr Drew Slimmon

Dr Gerard Taylor

Dr David Bolzonello


Tom Gastin (Administration Manager)


If you have any queries, please contact Tom Gastin via email at


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