Following the introduction of the new concussion management guidelines for AFL matches, the AFL Doctors Association has produced guidelines for community football. 

The guidelines are for trainers, first-aid providers, coaches, umpires, club officials and parents and should be understood and followed by all parties for the benefit and welfare of the players.

Download concussion management resources:

For community clubs

For medical practitioners

The Guidelines

Head impacts can be associated with serious and potentially fatal brain injuries.

In the early stages of injury, it is often not clear whether you are dealing with a concussion or there is a more severe underlying structural head injury. For this reason, the most important steps in initial management include:

1. Recognising a suspected concussion;

2. Removing the player from the game;


3. Referring the player to a medical doctor for assessment.

Any player who has suffered a concussion or is suspected of having a concussion must be medically assessed as soon as possible after the injury and must NOT be allowed to return to play in the same game/practice session.

There should be an accredited first aider at every game and the basic rules of first aid should be used when dealing with any player who is unconscious or injured.


In addition, please see below link to videos of presentations conducted at the 2017 AFL Concussion in Football Symposium.

2017 AFL Concussion in Football Symposium Videos