Dale Thomas on Diet

Dale ThomasCollingwood midfielder, Dale Thomas answers questions about his food and diet routines.

  1. Favourite food and drink?
    BBQ ribs and red powerade.
  2. What do you usually have for breakfast on a training day?
    English breakfast muffins and low fat peanut butter.
  3. What do you usually like to eat for your pre-game meal?
    Macaroni cheese.
  4. Any superstitions around food and football?
    Yes, I have macaroni cheese the night before a game, and then eat two turkey breast salad rolls on game day.
  5. Favourite meal of the day and why?
    Dinner, because I can eat lots of it.
  6. Favourite smoothie flavour?
  7. What is the best meal you have ever cooked?
    Fettucini carbonara with chicken, mushrooms and mustard sauce.
  8. Most unusual food you have eaten?
    Yabbie pie.
  9. 9. Favourite place to eat?
    On the couch.
  10. Name five essential items on your weekly shopping list?
    Macaroni cheese, turkey, red powerade, rolls, and bread.
  11. What is the biggest dietary change you have made to improve your football performance?
    I now have to eat less chocolate.
  12. What advice would you give young aspiring footballers about nutrition for football performance?
    Find what works and stick to it.

Dale Thomas in action on the field

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