AFL Sydney - Video Review and Notes

The following clips and coaching notes have been provided by AFL Sydney.

1. All Clear and Free Kick from a Free After Disposal

  • This is a well executed free kick
  • As the ball had crossed the score line the Wests player infringed upon is awarded a second kick
  • In this situation we should blow time-off, deal with the scuffle that ensured, call 'All Clear' to the goal umpire, set the mark, clear the protected area then blow time-on

2. Deliberately Rushed Behind

  • This is an incorrect free kick paid
  • The Balmain player is under pressure and forces the ball across the behind line in an attempt to stop East Coast Eagles from gaining possession and scoring a goal

3. Holding the Ball

  • This is a well executed free kick
  • The Wests player dives on the football and while he regains his feet is tackled and tries to absorb the tackle from the Campbelltown player and does not make an attempt to dispose of the football
  • Also another Wests player comes in and holds the ball to his team mate

4. Fair Bump, Play On

  • The umpire does a good job 'holding the whistle'
  • In this instance the Campbelltown player is bumped fairly by the Wests player
  • The umpire did not overreact to the contest, held the whistle and allowed the play to continue
  • In this instance with a forceful but legal bump umpires should communicate 'Fair Bump' to indicate that they have seen the contact and believe it to be within the laws of the game

5. Holding the Ball - advantage - brought back

  • The Campbelltown player has had a prior opportunity to dispose and when tackled by the Wests player does not dispose of the football legally
  • Instantaneously another Wests player picks up the football and plays on
  • Just prior to disposing of the football Watkins is under pressure and therefore the advantage is recalled
  • Umpires should find the football in this instance and allow the play to unfold
  • If the player is under pressure then re-call the advantage and set the mark at the infringement ensuring the correct player receives the football
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