VFL - Field Umpire Scenarios

The following videos and notes have been provided by the Victorian Football League’s Umpiring Department.

1. Holding the Man – Off the Ball at Boundary Throw In

  • Well executed free kick
  • At the boundary throw in we see the Box Hill player in front of the Buffalo sign hold onto the Coburg player as the contest takes place
  • Good pick up by the non-controlling umpire
  • Also, the controlling umpire displays good communication to players after the ball goes out just prior to the throw in

2. Holding the Man

  • Well executed free kick
  • Coburg player held onto too long after ball comes out in the tackle and is then pulled to the ground

3. Holding The Ball – Prior Opportunity

  • Well executed free kick
  • Coburg player takes possession and then had a prior opprtunity but is then tackled and fails to dispose correctly
  • The correct process is followed by the umpire to award a free kick for holding the ball

4. Throw

  • Well executed free kick
  • Coburg player scoops the ball forward with one hand in an attempt to move the ball on quickly
  • The umpire, in a good position, picks up the throw by the Coburg player and correctly awards a free kick for throwing

5. Incorrect Disposal

  • Well executed free kick
  • Box Hill player is correctly tackled and then throws the ball up one handed whilst the other hand is pinned in the tackle
  • The umpire correctly awards a free kick for incorrect disposal

6. In The Back & Replay

  • Free kick missed
  • Box Hill player with the ball is pushed in the back over the boundary line by the Coburg player
  • Umpires need to be alert to these actions and while the ball may be out of bounds all free kicks need to be awarded whether the ball is in play or not

7. High Tackle and then 50m

  • Well executed free kick and 50m penalty
  • Box Hill player receives a high tackle and then as he tries to get up the Coburg player uses his arm to push him down again
  • The umpire is alert to this action and correctly awards the 50m penalty

8. Ruck Contest

  • Free kick missed
  • At the centre bounce throw up we see the Box Hill ruckman take his eyes off the ball, look at his Coburg opponent then jump into him without trying to contest the ball
  • A free kick in this instance was missed
  • Umpires need to be alert to these actions by ruckmen
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