Lachie Whitfield
2012's Number 1 draft pick, Lachie Whitfield demonstrates his kicking skill


Australian football is continually evolving and now more than ever, keeping possession of the ball when kicking is crucial.

Help Topics
  • Kicking Guide for Coaches: Modern AFL kicking skills with demonstrations of group activities to develop the different types of kicks
  • Basic Mechanics of Kicking: Fundamentals of developing a sound kicking technique
  • Kicking Activities for Match Day: Prepare players to kick the ball quickly and accurately in games. Use these activities to develop static field kicking, dynamic field kicking, penetrating kicking and weighted kicking
Specialised Kicks

Various specialised kicks are used in Australian Football including the torpedo, banana and snap kicks.  Watch the following video which outlines the technique for these specialised kicks:

  • Goal Kicking in General Play: Tips from David Wheadon on kicking for goal on the run, taking snap shots and practice ideas

Set Shot

  • Golf Par: Give experience in using correct technique under the pressure of fun competition
  • Match Situation: Maintain correct technique when physically tired
  • Golf Football: Kick goals using the drop punt from random positions from within 50 metres

On The Run

  • Run an 'S': Teach the advantage of shooting for goal with the preferred leg

Snap Shots

  • Circle Snaps: Practise snap-shooting technique under pressure in a fun competitive environment
  • Leg Breaks: Experiment with methods of making the ball roll in different ways
  • Snap Football: Take accurate snap shots on goal and know when to use this kick 

Kicking Skills Guide