Field Umpire Quiz

Provided by Stuart Larcombe (Albury Umpires League)

Question 1.

A Player receives a handball in general play and is immediately confronted by an opponent who attempts to lay a tackle. The Player in possession ducks his head, causing the tackler to make high contact. The ball spills free.

a) Pay Free-Kick for high contact
b) Allow play to continue, with a call of…”he ducked into it.”
c) Ball it up

Question 2.

A Player is roving the pack within five metres at a Boundary Throw-In, eyes on the ball as it is in the air. An opponent runs in and crashes heavily with hip and shoulder into the side of the Player, knocking him to the ground and stunning him.

a) Play On
b) Free Kick against Player for Illegal Shepherd
c) Free Kick against opponent for Charging

Question 3.

A Mark is awarded to a Player inside the 50 metre arc. The other Umpire takes control of the Set-Kick and you are running forward to position. The Full Forward tries to lead from inside the goal square but is held by the jumper by the Full Back.

a) Call out, “Don’t hold!” and keep an eye on things
b) Award 50 metre penalty to Player with Mark
c) Award Free Kick to Full Forward where he was held

Question 4.

A Player attempts to mark the ball with outstretched arms.
An opponent spoils the attempt by hitting the Player’s arms, causing the ball to spill to the ground.

a) Good spoil, Play On
b) Pay the Mark that he would have taken
c) Pay Free Kick to Player attempting to Mark

Question 5.

A Mark is awarded to the Full Forward forty metres from goal and the final siren sounds. It is the Grand Final! The scores are tied! The crowd is going berserk!  He kicks. The ball is in the air when the Forward Pocket Player grabs the Back Pocket in a headlock and drags him to the ground.
The ball then goes through for a goal.

a) Free Kick to Back Pocket where he is and no score recorded
b) Free Kick to Back Pocket where he is and goal is recorded
c) Goal recorded and game over
d) Game over. No free Kick. No score

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