Why Do We Exist?

Monday, November 10, 2014

All clubs should ask themselves a fundamental question… why do we exist?  The answer to this should form the basis of your mission statement and it will help establish a clear understanding of your purpose and allow you to generate a strong vision of what the club wants to become in the future and will help you plan to get there.  

Planning is the key to the future success and viability of all football clubs no matter what their level.  It allows clubs to be proactive rather than reactive and provides a platform to exert more control over its destiny.  Your league or regional development staff are a great resource to bounce ideas from when developing your plan.  Part of your plan is to be clear on the values that you stand for and the culture that you will encourage.  Strong club culture is usually evident when the members have a clear understanding on the acceptable behaviours and help enforce the standards.

The key to creating positive environments within your club is the presences of strong culture that guides the action and behaviours of everyone – players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators etc.  A club code of conduct is a great way to outline the standards of the club and what is acceptable or not.

Resources to help in setting the vision, values and culture of your club:

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