AFL 9s Through a Player’s Eyes

Monday, November 10, 2014

Check out the video below and come along for the ride with Joseph from Sydney's Moore Park comp as he gives us a first-hand look at his experiences playing AFL 9s.

AFL 9s is the Australian Football League’s official alternative version of the game. 

AFL 9s enables people of all ages and ability levels to participate in male, female or mixed competitions that fit around their busy lives.  It’s a great way to get fit and have fun with your friends.

Key differences to the traditional game:

  • There is no tackling, bumping or spoiling.  AFL 9s is touch football.
  • The game is played between two teams of nine (9) with interchange players.
  • Recommended length of 100 metres divided into three zones
  • Only designated forwards are permitted to score.  
  • A mark is awarded irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled
  • If the ball hits the ground it is an automatic turnover.

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