AFL Modified Rules for Junior Football Survey

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Federation University wants to understand more about the implementation of the Junior Football Match Guide across States, Leagues, and Clubs nationally. We need your help in this. We are very keen to find out what experiences people have had in relation to the implementation of the Junior Football Match Guide in their particular role within junior football.

Here is how you can help:

  1. If you have been involved in Junior Football please complete the online survey by clicking on the link to the AFL Modified Rules for Junior Football Survey below. The survey will take about 10 -15 minutes to complete. When you have completed the survey, forward this email onto as many people that you know who have also been involved in Junior Football and invite them to participate.
  2. If you have not been involved in Junior Football or cannot complete the survey for any reason, please communicate this to everyone you know who has been involved in Junior Football at any level (National, State, League or Club) and invite them to participate in the survey. 

Due to the fantastic response to this survey we do not require any further respondents.  Thank you to all those who completed the survey.

The information you provide will be very useful to the AFL to help inform future efforts to implement other programs and policies with community football clubs.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems with the survey please contact Gaery Barbery via email ( or on 0414 579 994.

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Mark Barnett, 30-07-15 14:55:
Unfortunately, the AFL has abandoned the Green Shirt Program for young umpires, leaving many vulnerable. This threatens the Modified Football programs, as umpires are seen as not competent, and do not have the protection afforded by the Green Shirt.
Shelley Hazell, 11-08-15 12:19:
Closing a survey because there are too many responses seems counter productive when obviously people have something to say. Come on AFL, it says open till August 28th...leave it open till August 28th and hear all the voices!
Mick McGarry, 11-08-15 12:48:
Unfortunately the Survey has been closed already (11 Aug 15)
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