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Square Eyes or Sore Eyes?

Many children love video games, but what are the consequences of children spending a large amount of the time in front of a screen?[more]

Small Screen Vortex

Is the stereotypical image of 'tweens' and teens plugged into headphones and endlessly surfing the Internet or playing computer games based on fact?[more]

Life Expectancy Shock

Once upon a time it was widely assumed scientific advances would continue to add to our life expectancy. That was before the obesity epidemic arrived ...[more]

Fast Food Fast-Tracks Obesity

Nine per cent of South Australian children consume burgers, pizza, chips or chicken from fast food restaurants, two to three times per week[more]

Grim Outlook for Overweight Teens

Young Australians are becoming heavier. This is cause for concern as researchers have now found that being overweight at age 18 puts young people at risk[more]

What Do Couch Potatoes Eat?

With fast food advertising during children's television viewing becoming increasingly controversial, does TV consumption influence diet?[more]

Safe Schools For Everyone

Bullying among students can be a significant challenge for schools to tackle, particularly when they are hidden[more]

Time To Activate Kids

Tackling childhood obesity should be as simple as increasing physical activity and reducing couch potato-type behaviours early in life ... shouldn't it?[more]

Stroll To School a Healthy Habit

Children who walk to school are likely to be more physically active than their peers in their leisure time[more]

Should Children Lift Weights?

Once shunned by coaches and doctors as unsafe for children, weight training is now recommended for people of all ages[more]

Schools of Thought Differ on Exercise

Do extra hours of physical education in school necessarily result in more active children? Scientists have uncovered some surprising results[more]

Overweight Kids at Risk

New research shows that adult diseases, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are now being seen in childhood, especially in overweight kids[more]

Overeating a Possible Warning Sign

Teenagers who admit problems with binge eating or general overeating are likely to have poor self-esteem and may even be suicidal[more]

Steer Clear of Soft Drinks

Are there particular foods that put your child at greater risk of weight gain and even obesity? [more]

Obesity Weighs Heavily on Young Minds

Overweight children face an increased risk of having poor self esteem during early adolescence[more]

Schoolbags & Back Pain

Watching children lurch into school laden like pack horses, one has to wonder whether schoolbags are a health hazard for youngsters[more]

Obesity a Community Issue

Cooperation between teachers, parents and children may be the key to preventing young people from becoming overweight and obese[more]

Building Resilient Students

How can teachers help foster resilience in their students? And what role does resilience play in overall health?[more]

Tips on Curbing Childhood Obesity

What can schools and other interested adults do to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic? Experts have provided a checklist[more]

Prevent Diabetes

The prevalence of self-reported diabetes more than doubled in Australia between 1989-90 and 2004-05. So what do we need to know about this disease?[more]

Mouthguards Insure Against Injury

Millions of teeth are knocked out each year from sports-related injuries because the unlucky participants weren't wearing a mouthguard[more]

Make Time For Team Sports

Are your children spending too much time playing computer games or watching TV? Team sports may be the answer to getting inactive children interested in exercise[more]

High Risk Inactivity

We know that being overweight and inactive is bad for your health but what about thin and inactive? Is this potentially more risky?[more]

Getting Physical Good For School Stress

High levels of school-related stress have been linked to low levels of leisure time physical activity and poor health. So how can we change this?[more]

Fun Footy Drills

Training can be a tough slog for professional footballers, so it's important to inject some fun wherever possible. The following games are used with AFL squads [more]

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