Parents & Teachers

Parents and teachers have a crucial role in influencing how children pursue active and healthy lives. Get articles and resources to help encourage kids to 'Move More, Eat Well'.

All articles aim to promote the following federal government recommendations on childhood health and nutrition:

  • Children need at least 60 minutes per day (up to several hours) in moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • Children should eat a variety of healthy foods including seven serves of fruit and vegetables every day
  • Children should not spend more than two hours per day using electronic media for entertainment

The number of serves of fruit and vegetables we should eat on an average day depends on body size and activity level. For children the minimum number of serves as recommended by the NHMRC based on age are:

  • 4-7 years: 2 serves of vegetables & 1 serve of fruit
  • 8-11 years: 3 serves of vegetables & 1 serve of fruit
  • 12-18 years: 4 serves of vegetables & 3 serves of fruit
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