Education and Rehabilitation Paramount

Luke PowerFormer AFL player Luke Power, a member of the AFL Players’ Association's executive committee, stands firmly behind the league's illicit drug policy, which he says has been demonstrated to be effective.

"The AFL's illicit drugs policy is a strong policy," Power said.

"In the past, well-meaning, but ill-informed critics have questioned the policy, but we can tell you that the AFL's illicit drugs policy has been designed by medical experts and people that have done a large amount of research into illicit drug use.

"The key to the AFL policy is that it helps educate and rehabilitate players – not name and shame them – but educate and rehabilitate, which is very important.

"It's a policy that goes over and above any other sporting organisation's policy and it's a policy that the players are very proud of.

"Statistics have shown that the number of AFL players testing positive for illicit drugs is decreasing, therefore the policy really is working."

Power feels that recent refinements made to the strategy will only help to further strengthen the AFL's anti-drug stance.

"We feel that with a few more changes to the policy that an even lesser number of players will succumb to illicit drugs," he said.

"The message to the community is to stay away from drugs, they're bad for you and hopefully the AFL and its players can get behind this message and make it clear to the community that we are speaking out against drugs and drug use."


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