Policy Promotes Healthy, Clean Sport

Matthew PavlichFremantle's Matthew Pavlich, a member of the AFL Players’ Association Executive Committee, is a strong believer in the AFL's illicit drugs policy which he says is both effective in helping players and also sends an important message to the community.

"The AFL's illicit drugs policy was created [as] a long-term fix … and it was created to make sure that the players' health and well-being was looked after as compared to naming and shaming them," Pavlich said.

"We as AFL players love this game and it's certainly something that we want the parents of young players coming into the league and AFL fans in general to understand; that the players are steadfast in assuring them that it's a clean sport, it's a healthy sport and it's one that everyone should be involved in.

"We as an industry are about supporting each other, supporting the welfare of players, the staff the fans and the AFL in general.

"Ultimately it's about us looking after ourselves, looking after our mates and making sure they don't go down the path of using illicit drugs."

Pavlich feels the health of the individual concerned is paramount in any situation where a poor choice may have been made. 

"If someone is going down the wrong track we want to be there for them," he said.

"What we as AFL players have learned through the illicit drugs policy is that it is an educational process and it's a welfare-based process.

"The AFL's illicit drugs policy's [message] is extremely clear; do not use illicit drugs. I absolutely support this message."

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