Matthew Lloyd devised the Clean Hands Skill Test

Lloyd's Clean Hands Skill Test

Players with clean hands and the ability to deliver accurate handballs are highly sought after by recruiters. 

Joel Selwood, Lenny Hayes, Simon Black and Jobe Watson are examples of players who stand out for their ability to take the ball cleanly and quickly execute precision handballs.

With this in mind, AFL-AIS Academy Assistant Coach Matthew Lloyd has devised the clean hands skill test that measures the ability of a player to gather the ball cleanly and deliver quick accurate handballs on both preferred and non-preferred hands.

The skills test will be used at the 2010 NAB AFL National Draft Combine in Canberra later this year. The test follows on from the introduction in 2009 of the Nathan Buckley kicking test. These skill tests have been added to the traditional fitness and medical testing conducted to help recruiters gain a better understanding of the skill level of players.   

Players from the Northern Knights and Oakleigh Chargers who will be attending the draft combine undertook the test on Tuesday at Marcellin College. 

At Marcellin College, Lloyd explained that the test was about "being clean below the knees, in the air and also executing the handball".

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