Former Swans' coach, Paul Roos

Roos Reprimanded for Under 16s Incident

Monday, May 30, 2011

AFL NSW/ACT has issued former Sydney Swans AFL coach and current East Bulldogs Under 16s coach Paul Roos with a severe reprimand, after a Code of Conduct hearing was  held due to last weekend’s match between the Newtown Swans and the East Bulldogs in the AFL Greater Sydney Juniors (GSJ) competition.

Mr Roos was required to appear before the hearing after the Newtown Swans filed a complaint that Roos entered the playing field and spoke with opposition players and an opposition official, contravening rule 14.1 of the GSJ Competition Rules & By-laws.

The Tribunal found no evidence that Mr Roos abused opposition players or officials.

Mr Roos acknowledged to the tribunal that he entered the field after a player in the Bulldogs’ team was injured in an off-the-ball incident, and that he had spoken to opposition players and the Newtown Runner.

The Committee Chairman, Mr Barry Richardson on behalf of the tribunal found that Mr Roos had breached rule 14.1 by coming on to the field. 

The tribunal found that although there were mitigating circumstances for Mr Roos coming onto the field, the rules were clear and unambiguous. 

Mr Roos was an experienced AFL coach. The tribunal was concerned that matters could have escalated. He had engaged with players and the Newtown runner. 

The tribunal emphasised that it was important the coach complied with the Rules and the Code of Conduct. 

"The enjoyment and safety of the game for the players is our priority," said David Matthews, General Manager International and National Development.

"The AFL believes that codes of conduct are in place to underpin that priority and the outcome tonight supports that.

"Coaches should not enter the playing field. Player safety needs to be supported by appropriate first aid officials and\or trainers. We look forward to Paul Roos conveying a positive message from these circumstances that helps the game continue to grow in communities across Australia."

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