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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The AFL Coaching section is often asked by coaches at all levels where they can find information – books, videos, articles about the latest tactics being used by AFL clubs.

There have been many things published over the years, with the first comprehensive example being Len Smith’s famous “Coaching Notes” widely distributed in the early 1970s (and with many of the underpinning principles still applicable today).

A few years ago, at a Level 2 coaching course, Denis Pagan was asked about this and gave an interesting piece of advice, based on his own experience. Essentially he said he got a lot of useful information about what other teams were doing in this area by reading the major daily (Melbourne) newspapers and watching football shows on television.

With the explosion of football analysis now carried in all forms of daily media, including interviews, discussions, diagrams and video clips, there is a wealth of material available to any coach who wants to seek it out.

A few recent examples include:

You just have to keep an eye out for it.

Remember: Whenever you add any new element to your game plan, playing style or set specific tactics, you need to train for it so your players know what to do, where and when. It also helps if they understand why. If you try to do anything new, which is substantial, for the first time on game day and you haven’t trained for it, it is unlikely to be successful.

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