On-Line Registration for Coaches

Friday, March 18, 2016

The AFLís National Registration System which allows all players, coaches, officials, volunteer and miscellaneous member types to register to their respective community football clubs has been in place for the last three seasons. As part of normal league and club operations, players have been required to register with their club to be included on team sheets and participate in official matches.

As we continue to improve our processes around coaching and coach development, a new step this season is to have coaches register formally with their clubs, just as players already do, through the national system.

In season 2015 344,000 participants self-registered via the AFL National Registration System. 5250 of those were coaches who took the option of registering this way. We know the number of active coaches in community football far exceeds that figure and the only way to and report accurately is to ensure all participating coaches register online with their respective community football club. 

The National Registration System is now at a mature stage operationally whereby most community clubs around the country can quite easily ensure all their coaches register online as their players do.

In season 2016, only coaches who have registered online will be able to be added to team sheets for match day operations.

There are major benefits to football from the implementation of this policy. It will help us to:

1. Determine the true number of active coaches nationally and be able to report on this.
2. Communicate directly with active coaches nationally. Currently this only occurs with those coaches with up to date email addresses on the AFL Coach Accreditation database which currently does not link coaches to clubs (other than the club they were with when they attended their coaching course).
3. Track coaches involvement across their careers in regard to clubs, games coached, major milestones.
4. Identify and assist active coaches in community football who are not accredited, need re-accreditation or other support services.

*Please Note: The process for coaches registering with their respective community clubs may vary across states, so more information around this procedure will have been sent to all community leagues & clubs by your respective State Football Body.

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