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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

National Coaching Strategy: A New Approach

Prior to the commencement of the 2018 football season, following extensive research, analysis and consultation with stakeholders across the industry, a new approach to accreditation and support of the coaching community will be introduced.

The primary objectives of the new approach are to:

  • Reduce the barriers to entry of becoming an accredited coach
  • Build a deeper understanding of the coaching community
  • Use this understanding to increase the accessibility of targeted quality resources for coaches
  • Provide ongoing education and development opportunities for all coaches
  • Ensure all coaches understand their responsibilities and obligations

The National Coaching Strategy will commence its roll out in early March, key features of this new approach include:

1.0         Improved Accessibility to Entry Level Accreditation

As has been the case for many years, coaching accreditation will continue to be mandatory for all those wishing to fulfil a coaching role on match day.   However, entry level accreditation is being changed to improve its accessibility.

The current 4-year accreditation scheme will be replaced a New Coach AFL Membership Model featuring annual membership, administered via the Coach.AFL online platform.  An annual membership fee will apply (TBC).

Foundation Level Accreditation (previously Level 1) will be included as a benefit of Coach.AFL membership and will be achieved through the completion of an online Foundation Course specific to the age of the team being coached (senior, youth or junior). Although no longer mandatory, face to face workshops for Foundation Level coaches will still be conducted, and coaches are strongly encouraged to attend to further develop their coaching skill set for the upcoming season. This online Foundation Level Accreditation will take between 60-90 minutes to complete.

2.0         New Coach.AFL Membership Model

Coach.AFL will be based on annual membership model supporting ongoing coach education.  Coaches will attain points for annual re-accreditation via a number of means including but not limited to coaching experience, on-line education on Coach.AFL and attendance at seminars, workshops and conferences.

Coaches accrediting for the first time:


  • Complete contact details and coaching profile
  • Acceptance and agreement to the Coachesí Code of Conduct
  • Complete online Foundation Course specific to the age of the playing group (senior, youth or junior)
  • Payment of annual membership fee (TBC)

Coaches with current accreditation:

  • Complete contact details and coaching profile
  • Acceptance and agreement to the Coachesí Code of Conduct
  • Complete prescribed online education module
  • Note: Payment of annual membership fee will be waived for the remaining years of their current accreditation period.


3.0         Coach.AFL Online Platform

The Coach.AFL online platform is designed as a central resource centre for coaches.  It will serve as a national membership database, enable coaches to manage their Coach.AFL Membership (including accreditation, ongoing education and compliance) and provide access to a central Online Repository housing quality coaching resources and educational support.

Coach.AFL members will have exclusive access to high quality and consistent information that will:


  • Explain the development pathway for coaches of all age groups
  • Provide online educational and development opportunities
  • Provide accessible resources to guide coaches on their journey
  • Ensure aspiring coaches understand the significance of the role they play and how to positively influence the personal development of players of all ages and ability levels
  • Ensures coaches understand their obligations

Coach.AFL is scheduled for launch in early March 2018 but will continue to progressively build and be refined over the years to come.

Ross Andersen, 02-02-18 14:12:
will this mean it's easier for community coaches to enter the level 3 program?
Andrew van Oosterwijck, 05-02-18 17:41:
Can you please provide the link or address to complete relevant forms for Level 1 re-accreditation.
Craig Nicholls, 05-02-18 17:56:
accreditation has expired was told new format was coming out so just want to renew accreditation.
Don Pollock, 05-02-18 18:05:
Following the same line as Ross what will the requirements be for coach advancements ie L2, L3. Will the prerequisite's and qualifications for them change? Don
Paul Mcgrath, 05-02-18 18:52:
Thatís so good this year Iím looking at a very big year for doing courses through the A.F.L and W.A.F.L program Iím very interested in going further with development and coaching even at my age.
Thank you for your email much appreciated
Paul Mcgrath.
Robert Haumann, 05-02-18 20:52:
I used to be the Overnewton Auskick Coordinator but now I just help out if a coach is away on the day.
Robert Haumann, 05-02-18 20:55:
just checking my Level 1 Accreditation
David williams, 05-02-18 21:50:
Going from level I senior to level 2 senior , will that be made a bit easier or won't that change
Damian, 06-02-18 06:41:
This is all good but I completed my level 1 last year and still have not received any certificate or anything bro show that I have. How do I prove I have if asked by an official on game day.
Andrew Snaith, 06-02-18 11:42:
Seems a more practical way for getting and keep up accreditation

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