Coaching Edge - June 2010 now available.

Coaching Edge - June 2010 Edition

In this edition of Coaching Edge there is a range of articles to interest coaches at all levels. 

Collingwood’s Shane O’Bree delivers his thoughts on how to play the midfield sweeper position, and former Essendon high performance manager John Quinn covers the often-neglected area of training during the middle of the season.

As the game continues to expand there is a need to understand how best to tap into the cultures that have had little or no history in Australian Football.  AFL multicultural project coordinator Nick Hatzoglou provides advice on how to coach people from multicultural backgrounds.

An excerpt from the upcoming AFL Ultimate Kicking Guide explains the importance of achieving the correct impact position in kicking. It also highlights critical learning points coaches should focus on when teaching players to kick, including technique, sensory feedback and emulating good role models. Additionally, we explore why players often kick much more accurately at training than they do in games.

While teaching the game’s skills is very important in developing players, the ability to execute these skills in a ‘smart’ manner is critical to on-field success, North Melbourne high performance manager Ray Breed explains.

AFL conditioning and talent database manager James Veale reports on a Victoria University research project exploring the characteristics of elite junior players in AFL Academies. 

In our regular features, our man from Canada, Chris Donahoe, continues to reflect on his football journey, ‘From the Ivory Tower and Beyond’ looks back on swimmer Daniel Kowalski’s remarkable career, ‘Media Watch’ dissects interviews with AFL coaches and identifies some useful lessons for coaches at all levels, and in ‘Mind Games’ the mental skills required to meet the unique challenges of football are examined.

Hopefully, you enjoy this edition of Coaching Edge and perhaps more importantly can include some of the ideas in your own coaching – and get the results you are after!

Download Coaching Edge - June 2010.

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