Recruiting Players and Promoting the Competition

Female Football CompetitionThis is the most crucial part to the successful establishment of the competition. Girls respond well to a personal and structured approach.

When promoting a new idea/opportunity/competition putting up a detailed poster, an article in a community newspaper or posting a message on a website does not always attract female attention or enthuse them to register.

The best method to recruit an enthusiastic group of female players and their friends is through:

  • Personal chats to school students ask the Physical Education (PE) staff if you can address all the female PE classes and let them know what the competition entails, when it happens and where
  • Show the AFL's female promotional DVD or vision from other competitions operating in your state or send a women's league role model into the schools to inspire the girls with her story
  • Facebook get your female data base to spread the message
  • Twitter - likewise this social network site can be useful for spreading the word
  • Once you have a cohort of players (and this can be as little as 10 girls because that's 5 a side) get them to recruit a friend. Most of the competitions showcased in the next section of this kit started
    with modest numbers but grew once the initial players spread the word
  • Even providing incentives to the players to recruit a friend can be beneficial on registration day offer a 2 for 1 (pays), or a personal football to the first 30 enrolments
  • Community newspaper articles
  • Radio announcments
  • Posters at shopping centre/recreation centres/community boards
What you need to know about girls
  • In general, boys will 'have a go' at anything new girls require more structure and 'certainty' before making a commitment. Therefore advertising is not enough need to try and get something happening so that there is an opportunity for the girls to come and see what it is about
  • The best recruiters are the girls themselves if teams can get some key players then they will recruit other girls
  • For girls, the opportunity to participate and play is more important than the result aspect so marketing needs to focus on the fact that a new competition is providing an opportunity for girls to do something that was previously not available to them
  • Most of the girls play, and are proficient at, other sports therefore need to structure the competition to avoid clashing with other sports. The girls, their parents and other coaches need to see football as an additional
    opportunity NOT just an alternative
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