Family First, Football Second

Monday, August 12, 2013

One of the great attractions about football clubs is that they bring families together. Instead of sitting in front of screens Victorian club Glen Iris has tried to make their club an enjoyable place where families can gather.

To get their girls team up and running they drew on their families first mantra by asking the  siblings of their male players if they wanted to get a girls team up. 

"This word of mouth advertising was our greatest source of players initially," said President Rod Bryan. "Then we pushed into schools using some of our female players to gain more numbers."

Bryan believes the club has a great culture helped by having females in the club. "We have a great culture at the club with nothing but positives having the females join in." He added, "with the girls we’ve tried to build an ethos of fun and skill development over gaining results. We think if we have this as the foundation then success will follow."

The AFL has conducted numerous focus groups to find out what girls want from their playing experience with skill development and fun being the key attractions. Based on this Glen Iris are on the mark.

Initially the Club subsidised registration for female players as a way of attracting them to join. Now with mixed social events happening three or four times a year, a combined football trip planned to Central Australia and building towards a Youth Girls team there is much to look forward to becoming a member of this Kooyong located female friendly club.

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