Cracking the Goal Kicking Code

Friday, July 22, 2016

There has been great discussion over the past few years about the modern player’s ability to kick accurately in front of goal, particularly set shots. No matter what the statistics say, there are many opinions to suggest that players are not as reliable in front of goal as what they once were.

It is clear that deliberate, focussed, purposeful practice is critical to accuracy and consistent success.  As Hawthorn’s Luke Bruest put it in radio interview this week in response to a question about his accuracy, he “spent a lot of time in front of gaols as a youngster and I still put in a lot now”.

The challenge for the coach is just how do you teach the art of goal kicking? As junior players seem to take a lot more interest in practicing tough goals on the run to imitate their heroes such as Cyril Rioli and Steve Johnson what focus needs to be placed on the set shot? 

It is clear that very few modern players are as reliable in front of goal as greats of previous generations such as Tony Lockett, Matthew Lloyd and Peter Hudson. So what was their secret? Where did they learn their accuracy?

Check out the article below which featured in the Round 17 AFL Record so you can help your players “Crack the Goalkicking Code’.  This article was produced by Ben Collins & Ashley Brown.

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