Mighty Bulldogs Historic 5th Straight Premiership

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Mighty Bulldogs, the powerhouse of the AFL Nauru competition won an historic 5th straight premiership downing the gallant Kangaroos in Saturday’s Grand Final.

There were doubters that they could pull it off, especially when two of their stars in Jose Uepa an Niga Haulangi were not available, but the Bulldogs players showed that they are a champion team that do not rely on a few stars. They met the ferocity of the Kangaroos, they absorbed the immense pressure and like true champions took their opportunities when the game was in the balance in the last quarter. Veteran players Febriano Baguga, GM Temaki and Snuka Adire were tremendous in the clutch. Febriano’s ability to win the hard ball and deliver opportunities for his forwards was exceptional. GM’s evasiveness and ability to read the ball led to him kicking 2 important goals in the last quarter. And then the win was sealed by Snuka who got on top of Jeruka Temaki in the last quarter kicking two goals, breaking the spirit of the Kangaroos. In defence Conrace Detabene was electric, rebounding the ball with speed and accuracy.

Conrace was rewarded by being named best player in the Grand Final by the field umpires. For the Kangaroos, they had their opportunities and certainly showed all that they were worthy grand finalists. Trailing by only 7 points going into the last quarter, their leaders in Dave Mwaredaga, Charles Dagiaro and Bronco Deidenang kept them in touch. But an indiscretion from their key forward Joeson Kanimea saw him being sent off with a yellow card 5 minutes into the last quarter. With Kangaroos down to only 17 players, the Bulldogs pounced and scored 3 consecutive goals to effectively end the Kangaroos challenge.

The Bulldogs proved again that they may not have a team of champions but their will to win and their commitment to each other is second to none. It makes them the champion team we all know, admire and respect. Congratulations coach Jaxon and the Bulldogs players and officials, the 2016 premiers, we salute you!

BULLDOGS 4.3 6.5 10.8 14.10.94

KANGAROOS 4.0 6.4 9.7 11.10.76


Bulldogs: Snuka Adire 6, Aykers Daniel 2, GM Temaki 2, Donatello Moses, Patrick Agadio, Febriano

Baguga, Blame Maaki

Kangaroos: Dave Mwaredaga 3, Bronco Deidenang 3, Scott Cain, Bronson Kepae, Kingson Akibwib,

Donny Moses, Gabriel Fritz


Bulldogs: Conrace Detabene, Febriano Baguga, Snuka Adire, GM Temaki, Lennox Agege, Steven Kam

Kangaroos: Dave Mwaredaga, Charles Dagiaro, Bronco Deidenang, Mikey Hiram, Charmoro Ribauw,

Vincent Deireragea


UMPIRES: Clarence, Rudeen & Jezza

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