Nauru Stars Dominate Day 1 of Oceania Cup

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tuesday saw Day 1 of the Oceania Cup component of the festival. With teams transitioning to 4 x quarter football on a fantastic Suva day!

Game 1 was a replay of the 2015 Grand final with Nauru Stars taking on Fiji Jnr Tribe. It was a close tough match all day with the ball moving up and down the ground quickly all game. In the end the Nauru Stars ability to have patience with the ball and hit their targets through the middle of the ground showed through for a hard fought win. The Fiji Jnr tribe worked hard and never gave up giving themselves every chance to run over the top of the Nauru team. In the end, The Nauru Stars used their bench very well rotating their players to keep fresh legs and kick 3 late goals in the 3rd to make it hard for the Fiji team. A fantastic game, close and tough! both team were terrific!

Game 2 was an epic close battle between 2 teams still very much learning the game. It was close, tough, fast and both teams worked tirelessly with their tackling pressure. The Tongan thunder were brilliant in with their tackling and pressure around the ball, the bigger, taller Tongan team held onto their marks early and had the run of the game in the first half just not able to convert through the middle. In the end the Solomon Islands sharks kicked a goal in the second quarter and held on to their small lead defending with all their heart as the Tongan Thunder had the ball in their forward 50 for most of the last quarter. The Solomon island Sharks held on for a fantastic morale boosting with proving that they are super competitive against all opponents. Coach David Holo is already dreaming of the 2017 campaign!

Game 3 and the Tongan Thunder took it right up to the defending champions the Nauru Stars. The stars didn't have it all their own way with the Tongan team tackling and moving the ball up the ground quickly to have every chance to kick goals. As the Nauru Stars steadied and rebounded the ball efficiently from half back they were able to capitalise on their chances and reward the effort with kicking goals. The Tongans never gave up and hit the post twice, but the Nauruan registered their second win of the day to sit on top of the ladder going into the break.


Match Results Oceania Cup Day 1

Game 1:

Nauru Stars 4-9-33 Def Fiji Jnr Tribe 2-2-14

Goal Kickers: 

Nauru: Geraca Hiram 2, Maro Baguga, Winzar Kakiouea 

Fiji: Jone Radua, Rapoama Bola

Best Players:

Nauru: Richard Waqa, Gaissa Jones, Karl Hartman, Wise Temaki, Woewodin Thoma, Winzar Kakiouea, Harvey Timothy

Fiji: Rapoama Bola, Edward Mel, Jolame Vunisa, Napolioni Batamale, Saimoni Ravutu, Livai Tuilovoni

Game 2:

Solomon Islands Sharks 1-3-9 Def Tonga Thunder 0-4-4

Goal Kickers:

Solomon Islands: Christian Bale

Tonga: Nil

Best Players:

Solomon Islands: Elici Waqalevu, Allen Thomas, Nigel Willy, Josh Ablett, Mcleod Temaki, Christian Bale

Tonga: Winston Finau, Pauliasi Tuifua, Feofaaki Pulu, Brenton Ikamanu, Isileli Angitau, Inesi Ahomana

Game 3:

Nauru Stars 5-8-38 Def Tonga Thunder 0-4-4

Goal Kickers:

Nauru: Maro Baguga 2, Elijah Agege, Marcincy Cook, Robawoun Atsime

Tonga: Nil

Best Players:

Nauru: Richard Waqa, Robawoun Atsime, Wise Temaki, Harvey Timothy, Gaissa Jones, Karl Hartman, Woewodin Thoma, Filiando Gaiyabu, Johnson Olsson

Tonga: Brenton Ikamanu, Isileli Angitau, Paulaisi Taufui, Feofaaki Pulu, Winston Finau, Inesi Ahomana, Moana Mohokoi, Macklean Veatupu


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