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State vs State Results

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State league representative matches were played on Saturday, May 26 with South Australia recording a thrilling victory over Western Australia in Adelaide by 14 points.

In the two other matches, Victoria were too good for Tasmania with a dominant 108 point victory while QLD/NT outclassed a fighting NSW/ACT outfit by 145 points.

SA 15.11 (101) def WA 13.9 (87)

SA: Grocke 7, Kirkby 2, Jericho, Schiller, Gray, Clayton, Liddle, Schmidt.
WA: Handley 4, Richardson, Medhurst 3, Smith 2, Wulff.

SA: Grocke, Schmidt, Liddle, Thomas, Jarrad, Boyd, Webber.
WA: Johnson, Hams, Handley, Wulff, Blackwell, Parker, Medhurst, Mitchell.

Fos Williams Medal (SA): Adam Grocke
Simpson Medal (WA): Paul Johnson.

VFL 20.17 (137) def TSL 3.11 (29)

VFL: K Haretuku 4, C Cain 3, D Galea, 3, S Dwyer 3, K Martin 2, B Ross, M Sewell, D Towers, A Marcon, L Osborne
TSL: A Lee 2, M Musicka

VFL: J Baird, L Osborne, M Sewell, B Ross, D Towers, M Cook
TSL: B Jones, M Musicka, J Wooley, K Waller, A French, B Reynold

Frank Johnson Medallist (Vic): J Baird
Lefroy Medallist (Tas): B Jones

QLD/NT 31.15 (201) def NSW/ACT 8.8 (56)

QLD/NT: J Baxter 6, C Ilett 6, S Clouston 5, N Gilliland 3, J Neagle 2, P Carse, M Payne, C Smith, G Grose, W Mills, B Wilson, A Spackman, R Davey, S Wrigley
NSW/ACT: R Tungatalum 2, K Klemke, R Brabazon, A Wiles, R Quade, D Smith, J Vlatko

QLD/NT: R Davey, S Clouston, C Ilett, D Dzufer, KGeary, F Thurlow
NSW/ACT: M Crook, R Brabazon, K Klemke, A Wiles, D Walker

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