SANFL Umpire Coach PD Workshop

Friday, October 15, 2010

There were 18 umpire coaches travelled to SANFL Umpiring Headquarters at Thebarton Oval and participated in the South Australian AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program End of Year Workshop. 

Umpire coaches travelled from as far as Whyalla to attend the workshop which was facilitated by David Levens (AFL), Barry Oates (SANFL - Senior Community Umpiring Manager) and Patrick Willis (SANFL - Umpiring Development Manager).

The workshop gave the Umpire Coaches a chance to network ideas that can help with their coaching in the future.

Coaches were split into groups with discussions on the following topics;

  • In 2010 what went well in your coaching?
  • What didnít go so well in your coaching?
  • What initiatives can you think of to improve the coaching environment for next season

All umpire coaches should review the 2010 season.  Coaches should ask themselves in your environment what do you think you should:

  • Keep doing
  • Stop doing
  • Try doing next year 
Positive Change in 2010

The group of umpire coaches considered what they did that had the biggest positive impact on the umpires within their groups throughout 2010.

Ideas included:

  • Building teamwork
  • Juniors training with seniors
  • Designated senior umpires running with emerging umpires
  • Pre-season forums
  • Creating a fun and flexible training environment
  • Ensruing greater consistentcy in coaching
  • Empowering the umpires to self analyse their own performances and documenting areas for improvement with their umpiring.
An eye to 2011

When asked about what their umpiring groups needed in 2011 the feedback varied between umpire coaches: 

  • More game like activities within the training environment.
  • Create a stronger 'team' environment. This was viewed as a positive way to recruit ex-players into umpiring, particularly in regional areas.
  • Educating clubs and the football public.

Accreditation was also an important topic.  Various strategies were discussed in preparation for the introduction of compulsory accreditation in 2012.  

The workshop was concluded with a light lunch before all participants headed to the SANFL Grand Final at AAMI stadium.


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