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Monday, October 18, 2010

Off season presents a good opportunity for umpire coaches and coordinators to refine the processes and expectations of umpires within the group.  

Umpiring handbooks provide a useful way to document these expectations. 

The handbook can be given to each umpire at the start of a new season and can outline all the information required to become an umpire within a group.  The handbook might cover the following areas:

  • Training times and venue
  • Registration costs and how to register
  • Appointments process
  • What to do if you are unavailable/sick
  • Selection criteria for matches
  • Payment rates and when payments will be made
  • Expectations on arrival time at the ground
  • Procedures on match day
  • Coaching philosophy and umpiring group rules
  • What to do if you have any problems throughout the season
  • The role of a diary
  • Valuables policy
  • Expectation on appearance
  • Umpiring equipment - expectations and how to purchase
  • Any other information your umpires need to know

Coaches or coordinators may like to consider conducting a session to develop rules or expectations to ensure the umpiring group takes ownership over the contents of the handbook.

Once finalised the umpiring group should then go through the contents of the handbook to ensure people understand the expectations within the group for the season. 

Download a sample umpiring handbook provided by Michael Charles, Panther League Umpires Coach.  This handbook is given to all junior umpires within the Panther League and Sunday Miniís Umpires Panel in South Australia.

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