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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

End of season conferences have been conducted in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria as part of the AFL Umpire Coach PD Program, with Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales to come. The Conferences are a key part of the program and have provided the opportunity for many local community coaches to be involved through facilitating and leading small workshop group sessions.

A common topic addressed in each of the Conferences has been ‘reviewing 2010’ from both a coaching and umpiring group environment perspective. This has occurred through coaches sharing with colleagues what worked well and what didn’t (and why).

End of Season Conference - South Australia

The South Australian Conference was conducted at the Umpiring Department Headquarters at Thebarton Oval. An area identified that had worked well was –‘self analysis where umpires reflected more on their own performances & what they needed to do to improve’. An area mentioned which didn’t work so well was – ‘coaching sessions which were not balanced enough between theory and practical’.

End of Season Conference - Tasmania 

In Tasmania, umpire coaches from Hobart (South) and Burnie (North West) travelled to Launceston (North) and met with their colleagues at Aurora Stadium for the Tasmanian Conference.

In the 2010 review the Coaching Mat was acknowledged as a key resource which had assisted with the coaching of young/inexperienced umpires in particular. The mat was developed by Peter French (Nth West Coach) who demonstrated the ways in which he has been using it successfully. Other topics addressed at the Conference included work/life balance, teamwork, personal organisation/time management, personality profiling with the Enneagram model and problem solving complex issues.   

End of Season Conference - Victoria 

In Victoria, umpire coaches from both country and metropolitan areas met at the VFL Umpiring Department Headquarters. The Conference included a series of Coaches Lounges and presentations from Darren Crocker, Assistant Coach at North Melbourne Kangaroos and Graham Fountain, CEO of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Darren spoke about working with a diverse group while Graham, formerly CEO at Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and a senior officer with the Country Fire Authority gave a presentation on working with and training volunteers. Following both presentations coaches reflected on the content and how they could adapt the content to their local umpiring group.

Feedback from each Conference has been very positive and a feature has been the number of coaches involved in assisting with the delivery of sessions – demonstration of an increased capacity within umpire coaching ranks.


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