William Caldwell

Boundary Umpire Wins Gold in Athens

Friday, July 08, 2011

William Caldwell is a Boundary Umpire in the South East Juniors and Eastern Football League and has just arrived back in Australia after a 3 week trip representing Australia in tennis at the Special Olympics World Summer Games, which he describes as “one of the best experiences of my life to date”.

William, 23 years of age, only began playing competitive tennis in 2007 and had the goal of one day representing Australia at an event like this.

The trip to Athens began on 18 June 2011 when he boarded a plane from Sydney to Athens with the rest of team Australia. On arrival in Greece the Australian athletes went to the island of Rodos for a week to prepare for the games.  Following this they cruised into Athens and straight into the athlete’s village.

William had a busy schedule in the games competing in Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles tennis.

His singles campaign began with eight divisional matches and then two competition games in which one was for the bronze medal, which he won comfortably.

His doubles campaign was two competition games in which he won the first match and his next match was for a gold medal in which he won the ultimate glory of a Special Olympics Gold Medal.

When asked how he felt when he realised what he had just achieved he answered “FANTASTIC”.

William thanked many of the people that supported him in getting to these games,  those being his wonderful mother (Kim), the rest of his family, his second family the Dandenong Umpires Association and the dearest of Williams’ closest friends. 

Jessica Connelly, 08-07-11 15:07:
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