Using Technology in Coaching Umpires

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recently umpire coaches involved with the AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program participated in teleconferences covering a wide range of topics related to the coaching of umpires.

One such topic was the ‘use of technology in coaching umpires’.

Technology is used for a range of reasons. It was mentioned that technology:

  • Can be an engaging way to transfer information - particularly with the younger generation
  • Can provide the visual aspect of learning - particularly given umpires like to see different umpiring examples
  • Can add to the administrative efficiency for an umpiring group

It was also highlighted that umpiring is more affordable these days too.

A range of technology is being used by umpire coaches in their work with umpires. Some mentioned during the teleconference included:

  • Using email for umpire’s performance feedback
  • Using headsets for the on-field  ‘umpiring team’ as a means to increase teamwork and support for each other
  • Using cameras to capture vision of umpires in action – often done by a parent, colleague, coach
  • Using footage from football clubs for discussion by umpires
  • Using on-line surveys for umpires to review the coaching program at various stages throughout the year
  • Using GPS for field and boundary umpires to ascertain how far and the type of running an umpire is doing in a match and to design the training program accordingly
  • Using vision from the website
  • Using umpiring group websites to connect with their umpires and provide them with information
  • Uploading the AFL DVD to umpiring group websites to assist with the coaching of umpires
  • Using facebook/twitter to communicate with umpire - however, it was mentioned that any social networking venture needs some monitoring

There was also some interest in trialling video glasses that enable the coach/umpire to see what the umpire sees in a game.  The vision can be downloaded to the umpire’s computer for them to look at and discuss.

It was also mentioned that technology can assist in creating administrative efficiency.  For example, by downloading and uploading match day paperwork online and using umpire appointment software.

Are you doing something with technology that is having an impact on umpiring, coaching or administratively?

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