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Skill Drills for Umpires Training

The role of the umpire coach is important in setting the environment in which training will take place. 

When delivering a training session coaches should ensure they are well planned prior to training beginning and that they have a clear understanding of the outcomes they would like training to achieve.

Umpire coaches are unable to view all their umpires on any given weekend.  This makes training very important as it is often an umpires only opportunity to receive feedback/advice from their coaches.

The AFL Interactive White Board allows umpire coaches to develop their own skill drills in a professional manner. 

Download the AFL Interactive White Board

Alternatively, you can use any of the skill drills that have been supplied by participants in the AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program:

Isaac, 26-10-15 19:53:
What GYM routines does an boundary umpire do?
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