Jordan Bannister visited the OSPM Eye Hub in Melbourne recently

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To match the high energy of players and the fast paced nature of the game, AFL umpires need to be in peak physical condition. They also need to ensure their vision is in top condition so they can make the right decision when judging the state of play and responding to on field situations. This is why OPSM partnered with the AFL in 2009 to provide eye health checks for all elite umpires.

Discussing the importance of eye health, AFL Umpire Manager Jeff Gieschen commented that the AFL Umpiring Department and umpires couldn’t be happier to have OPSM as their key sponsor.

“During our partnership, OPSM have provided outstanding service and treatment.” he said. “Our umpires have all had full eye health checks and this has resulted in umpires either being given a clean bill of health re their eyesight, having corrective treatment in the form of glasses or contact lenses, or being provided with treatment for any eye care issues.”

Through OPSM the AFL umpires have access to world class technology in eye health, such as advanced eye scanning machines called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machines and Digital Retinal Scanners (DRS), which are available in OPSM stores nationwide. Using advanced imaging technology, the machines can detect problems below the ‘visible’ surface of the retina earlier. This helps with the management and treatment of potential sight and health-threatening diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension and macular degeneration.

“One of the great services provided has been the eye health check,” Jeff added. “This state of the art eye check not only provides information on the health of your eyes but also any other underlying health issues which can be detected.”

New umpire Jordan Bannister recently visited the OPSM Eye Hub in Melbourne.  The OPSM team took Jordan through a full eye health check with the latest in optical technology. Jordan was amazed to see the state of the art medical facilities.

“Within minutes my full eye health check was complete, which was able to diagnose any problems that I had,” he said. “Hearing some examples from the friendly staff about patients that had major health issues discovered by OPSM and then successfully treated was a real eye opener (pardon the pun). Umpires obviously require clear thinking and precise vision to perform their job under extreme pressure, so it is very reassuring to have OPSM to ensure our eyes are in peak condition.”

It might be surprising but the most active muscles in the human body are the eye muscles, so it is vitally important that everyone has regular eye checks.  Jeff Gieschen feels sharp, clear vision is an essential component in umpires performing their roles to the best of their ability.

“It is a relief to know that all our umpires have had their eyes professionally checked,” he said. “Thanks to OPSM, all players, clubs and fans can rest easy, and be confident, that the umpires making very important and close decisions have great eyesight due to the wonderful and professional care and support of OPSM.”

To book an eye health check with OPSM visit

The OPSM Eye Hub in Melbourne
The OPSM Eye Hub in Melbourne

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