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Female umpires striving to reach the AFL

Susan Alberti, Western Bulldogs board member, claims that the culture of football could be changed through the introduction of female umpires in to the AFL ranks. 

"It won't change the boys from playing tough - but I think they might just think a little bit more about how they conduct themselves on the field," Ms Alberti explained.

Alberti claims that a female presence would cut out bad language and would encourage calm amongst the players.

There are currently approx 700 female umpires officiating across Australia each weekend.  The AFL Talented Umpire Pathway outlines the path available for both male and female umpires to reach the AFL squad.

Each year only a small group of umpires get officiate AFL matches.  Chelsea Roffey (AFL Goal Umpire) is currently the only female umpire in the AFL umpires squad.  However, there is no reason why other female umpires of all disciplines (field, boundary and goal) can not join Chelsea on the list.

Eliza Broadbent is just one of the many female umpires officiating Australian Football each weekend who is striving to reach the AFL level. 

View the video of Eliza's ambition to reach AFL level
(ABC - 14th July 2010)  

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