Victorian Football League - Umpiring Department

VFL - field umpire video examples

Click here to view the VFL umpiring scenario video clips and coaching notes.

There are 8 clips that test an umpires understanding of the following situations:

  1. Holding the Man off the ball at a Boundary Throw In.
  2. Holding the Man by not releasing the tackle after the ball has come out.
  3. Holding The Ball when the player has had prior opportunity.
  4. Throw in an attempt to move the ball quickly (scoop).
  5. Incorrect Disposal when a player throws the ball up one handed whilst the other hand is pinned in the tackle.
  6. Push in the Back after the ball has been taken over the boundary line.
  7. High Tackle and subsequent 50m penalty for pushing the player down again.
  8. Jumping into an opponent without trying to contest the ruck contest.
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