AFL SEPEP at St Johns Grammar

Monday, November 26, 2012

By Craig Johncock

The traditional "skill and drill" Physical Education teaching method has been criticised because students often don't relate it to real life.

One approach being used at St John's Grammar in South Australia is SEPEP (Sport Education).

SEPEP is a student-centred approach which mirrors the positive aspects of community sport. The unit is run as a season; permanent teams are selected and a premiership table is kept.

Initially, the teacher goes through the basic skills and several modified games are played.

A Sports Board of two to three students is selected by the class  to manage the running of the sport. 

Four or fives teams are selected by the Sports Board. This means that teams each have about six players and the playing field and rules must be modified accordingly.

Each team selects a captain and coach. The coach takes the warm up and drills and the captain organises the team. After a preseason round to make sure that teams are even the competitive season commences. A premiership table is kept by the record keeper (results matter!) and regular newsletters are published by the publicists.

All positions are filled by elected students and other duties such as first aid officers, photographer and statisticians etc are only limited by the imagination.

St John's use the SEPEP approach for term four in all of our Middle School Physical Education classes.

Each class chooses which sport they want to do. AFL is a popular choice and fits the SEPEP model well.

AFL 9s has been introduced into our lunchtime InterHouse Sporting competition and is keenly contested.

Many of the school sports teams are coached by old scholars and senior students and a number of students have gone on to study Physical Education at tertiary level.

I believe the introduction they have had to coaching in SEPEP has contributed to this.

Craig Johncock is the Head of PE and Sport at St Johnís Grammar, Adelaide

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