Teaching Australian Football (AFL) Overseas

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sometimes it can be difficult teaching the game of Australian football (AFL) to kids in countries where there are limited resources available. Often the teachers in schools taking on the role need to be creative and use what they can lay their hands on.

But a new Facebook group has been instigated here in Australia where teachers across the world are invited to post all sorts of resources on the page lesson plans, website links, skill and drill documents, stories and all sorts of other valuable bits and pieces.

Already there are over 70 teachers world-wide from more than 15 countries that have joined the group and are benefitting from the information being made available. Teachers are accessing valuable items which will help grow the game both here and Australia, but particularly with kids in overseas markets. 

The page can be found here.

Wesley Hull

(AFL Schools Ambassador Gordonvale State School, QLD)

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