Anthony Stothard

2009 State Volunteer of the Year - Anthony Stothard

Friday, April 23, 2010

When asked what Anthony Stothard does for the Maryborough FC it is probably actually easier to consider what he doesn’t do.

Anthony is treasurer of the club and attends all junior and senior league meetings as the clubs rep. as well as any other meetings aimed to improve the league or his club.  He attends all school carnivals/ gala days held at the Maryborough ground and is involved in setting up/ packing and umpiring.

He is also involved as a coach at Auskick and of the U14s along with his role as assistant coach of the U17s. 

He is a trainer for all grades, has been involved in the new lighting project being currently completed.

He ferries representative players to training and has attended rep carnivals

Anthony plays and helps out with the Fruit Bats (over 35s) and is runner when not doing other roles.

The feeling around Maryborough FC is that Anthony just about does everything!  He is reliable and does things in the spirit of volunteering, never looking for thanks and probably on many occasions, never receiving it. He is involved in a struggling club and doesn’t look at excuses to cover up for any lack of effort or process. He is one of the main reasons the club still exists.

There is no doubt he is well respected by the whole league.

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