Robyn Sutton

2009 State Volunteer of the Year - Robyn Sutton

Friday, April 23, 2010

Robyn is a lady who is the backbone of any small community.

Robyn commenced her volunteer work with Junior Football in 1989 as club secretary.  Her oldest son had started playing and she wanted to be involved.  During this time Robyn helped wash team jumpers each week, gave other boys lifts to games and helped out in the canteen. 

It was in 1996, the club was struggling to fill the Canteen Manager position that had been vacated and Robyn stepped in and said she would take it on, (as well as being Secretary). Robyn continued holding both positions until 2003 when she decided that she would step aside as secretary.  Robyn is still Canteen Manager. 

Canteen Manager is no small job, as the canteen operates on Saturdays for Home games and then again on Sundays when it is our Senior Clubs Home game. Robyn is present the whole time the canteen is open.  A general Saturday home game, depending on game times, would see Robyn start at 8-00am to see the arrival of fresh bread and start everything up,  work and oversee the canteen, clean and lock up possibly finishing about 3pm.  Sundays would see her start 8-00am and work through until 5-30pm. 

The club has a policy where all players’ families are put on roster to help out in the Canteen, for one Saturday and one Sunday this is approximately 1 hour each day.  Robyn organises this and has to sort out the issues when people don't show.

The canteen has a reputation for the best hamburgers and home-made soup in the football district and this is all down to the pride Robyn has in the running of the canteen.

The canteen is also used as a fundraising option for the club in off season.  The canteen operates on the Waroona Agriculture show day, British Car Day and Aussie Car day.  These are massive days to organise and Robyn is there is the thick of it working and doing all the organising and preparation beforehand.

Robyn is a very special and amazing lady to be still involved and doing so much for the Junior club when she no longer has any children playing. 

This lady is not only volunteers her time to the club, but around the community she has been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels for approximatley 25years.  She has been a volunteer steward at the Waroona Agricultural Show for nearly 40 years and has over the years been on other sporting committees. 

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