AFLNSW Multicultural Program

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Sydney South region has again seen pleasing results in its 2012 schools programs with Kogarah Intensive English Centre jumping on board to undertake a 6-week introductory AFL program in Term 1. Around 100 high school students, who have only recently arrived in Australia, are combining their intensive English studies with the opportunity to gain their very first experience of our great game, Australian Rules Football.

During the 6 weeks the students will learn the basic skills of kicking, handballing, marking and bouncing the ball and apply them to a modified game format. The program has also enabled the students to learn about the Australian culture and aided them in their settlement in Australia.

The Sydney South school, which is situated in notorious Rugby League heartland, has embraced the program with open arms welcoming the AFL staff to the school. Multicultural Coordinator Kevin Sing has been pleased with the success of the new converts.

“By incorporating our Indigenous game of AFL into these kids while everything is still very new to them, it will give them a greater understanding of our culture and something they can now relate to and feel part of," said Mr Sing.

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