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Monday, July 30, 2012
Freo House Footy

Students from Winthrop Baptist College grabbed the opportunity to participate  in Freo House Footy exhibition matches as part of the curtain raiser before the Fremantle v GWS Giants game last weekend.

Freo House Footy is a modified game that has strong parallels with the traditional game of Australian football. Designed so that everyone can play, the game is less physically demanding, has minimal time commitment and an emphasis on fun and safety (non contact).

The game enables students of all ages and ability levels to participate in male, female or mixed competitions that can be played during any school term or incorporated as part of the AFL SEPEP program.

Freo House Footy can be played at any time with variations to suit your school. All year levels can play so a school may have more than one competition.

Teams can play for their Faction/House and the points could go to the Faction/House shield.

Competition rules can be designed by the students or they may use the AFL 9s football rules. Games can be played in PE/sport time or at lunchtime.

Competitions run for a minimum of six games and/or weeks with schools receiving a free Freo House Footy kit which includes a class set of Freo House Footy bibs, 15 synthetic footballs, 20 markers and one set of portable goal posts.

Freo Skills 4 Schools

Rounding out the pre-game curtain raiser was the ever popular Freo Skills 4 Schools Grand Finals.

Over 120 primary schools took part in this year’s competition. The school children competed in three events which have been conducted in primary schools throughout Western Australia during term two.

The Grand Finals saw the best of the best showcase their skills in the following activities:

Freo Long Bomb
Students participate in kicking the football as far as they can.

Freo Kwik Kick
Students kick in pairs over a short distance to see how many successful kicks they can complete in three minutes.

Freo Fast Ball
A team handballing event for WA schools involving a team of six students handballing a football through a zig-zag formation as quickly as possible.

Every competitor gave it their all, however there could only be one winner in each category.

Congratulations to the following winners:


Girls Year 4/5
Winner:  Pheobe Collard  Kondinin Primary 27.40 metres
Runner up: Amber Co-Cup Ellenbrook Independent PS 25.33 meters

Boys Year 4/5
Winner:  Egan Brooke s North Beach PS 32.44 meters
Runner up:  Matthew Hanks Halls Head PS 31.76 metres

Girls Year 6/7
Winner: Tahlia Druer Hocking PS 37.53 meters
Runner up: Emily Murphy Richmond PS 31.99 metres

Boys Year 6/7
Winner:  Montelle  Matatahi-Bandy Brentwood PS 38.44 metres
Runner up: Aaron Coves Landsdale PS 36.54 metres


Girls Year 4/5
Sophie Farrar & Lucie Wilcox Victoria Park PS 31 Kicks
Runner up: Tiara Jackson & Jade McGurk Donnybrook DHS 23 Kicks

Boys Year 4/5
Winner:  Nat Buchanan & Ryan Aitken South Perth PS 60 Kicks
Runner up: Daniel Ketthe & Steele Hall Mt Hawthorn PS 56 Kicks

Girls Year 6/7
Winner:  Amber Gordon & Ava Muir Halls Head PS  42 Kicks
Runner up: Yazmin Arias Tahlia Durer Hocking PS  30 Kicks

Boys Year 6/7
Winner:  Ethan Claux & Dane Jameson-Jenzen South Perth PS 60 Kicks
Runner up: Blake East & Jaxon East, East Manjimup PS 57 Kicks


Girls Year 4/5
Winner: Forest Crescent PS
Runner up: Beeliar PS/Richmond PDS

Boys Year 4/5
Winner:  Beeliar PS
Runner up: Star of the Sea PS

Girls Year 6/7
Winner:  Forest Crescent PS
Runner up: Beeliar PS

Boys Year 6/7
Winner:  South Perth PS
Runner up: East Manjimup PS

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