Umpire Coach Professional Development Program

The coach in a football club is known to have the greatest influence over the people in that club. It stands to reason then that the coach in an umpiring group also plays a significant role in influencing the attitudes, culture and what that group stands for.

The AFL believes that umpires’ coaches are responsible for:

  • establishing a positive learning environment for umpires,
  • developing umpires,
  • improving umpiring performances at all levels,
  • building additional capacity within the umpiring community, and
  • building relationships with other football participants especially community football coaches

The AFL Umpires’ Coach Professional Development Program aims to support umpires’ coaches and their assistants through the delivery of an ongoing program focused on two key areas of coaching.

These are -

  • Environment – what is it like where umpires go?
  • Approach – what does the coach do to assist umpires to improve?
AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program brochure

Download the AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program brochure

The brochure outlines:

  • The rationale behind the AFL’s focus on developing umpire coaches
  • The key focuses of the AFL Umpire Coach PD Program
  • The outline for the program
  • The development phases for a coach within the program
  • The philosophy of the program
  • Expectations of participants in the program
  • How it fits with the National Umpire Coach Accreditation Scheme

Contact your State Umpiring Manager to find out more including how to get involved in the AFL Umpire Coach Professional Development Program.

Information for Umpire Coaches:

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